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Key Concepts

Primal (ancestral) health

Use the tabs below to check out the key concepts of the primal / ancestral health model. Taking a look at human evolution for clues into how we should best live to optimise human health.

Non-fixed genes

You can reprogramme your genes

Ever thought that you're fighting predetermined fat storage patterns or an inability to put on muscle? The good news is our genes can be switched on or off...

Your genes are ON/OFF switches

Your environment flicks the switches

Environment = habits and our surroundings

Habit change doesn't always come easily

Habits are formed through changing behaviour

Health Coach = Behavioural Change Expert

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Look to the past

Our ancestors ways of living hold the key to true genetic health.

Many of our modern trappings of life are just that... a trap, for our health. We need to be discerning with which ones we partake in.

Our genes expect certain inputs and rhythms

Modern life short-circuits many of these

Our ancestors were physical specimens

They didn't 'diet' or 'train'

They lived life alive and free

What can we learn from them...?

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Fat burning beasts

Our bodies prefer to burn fat

The reality is that you are designed to be a fat burning beast, but your body has down-regulated its fat burning genes... but you can up-regulate them!

Fat is a 'clean burning' energy source

We tend to rely on carbohydrates

This shuts down our fat burning ability

We rely of regular 'fixes' of carbs and sugar

Energy slumps and brain fog become the norm...

All of this can be undone...

You can become a fat burning beast...

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Optimal edibles

80% of body composition is determined by what you eat

Ever heard that you can't out exercise a bad diet? It's true. I'm here to help you nail your nutrition and tailor your training.

Our nutrition is out of whack

We consume cheap and easy foods

These are grown cheaply and easily

The planet suffers from our consumption

Our bodies suffer : chronic illness is at an all time high

There are viable alternatives for our health and the planet...

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Watch out wheat

Grains are totally unnecessary

Most diets are filled with grains which are slowly poisoning your body... and many are poisoning the planet while they are at it.

Grains are rarely found in nature

We haven't evolved to eat them

We have an inflammatory response to grains

Grain production is destroying the planet

We're running out of time... as is the planet

But, we already have the answers...

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Fat is your friend

Fat and cholesterol are not the enemy

Sadly, fat and cholesterol have been given a bad rap - both are essential for your body to function optimally but they need the right environment.

Our brains evolved on a high fat diet

Fat high in essential nutrients

Outdated and agendered science has maligned fat

The real difficulty we have is chronic inflammation

We can manage our inflammation

Simple lifestyle changes are the key...

Meat can be raised fairly & sustainably...

... and even help us beat global warming

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Chronic cardio

Exercise is ineffective for weight management

People slog it out in the gym day after day, only to be grouchy and hungry. A switch in mindset and lifestyle are the keys to weight management.

Obestity is at an all time high

Gym memberships are at an all time high

We slog out cardio sessions for hours

We feel depleated and inflamed

We overeat to refuel and self-soothe

We can get off the hamster wheel...

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Hit it hard (sometimes)

Huge fitness gains can be made in short spaces of time

A resilient and functional body can be built with effective short bursts of effort.

Our genes expect some stress

We can give them 'good stress'

That also helps manage the 'bad stress'

While building resilience and longevity

This keeps us young beyond our years

Welcome to a new exercise paradigm...

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Supercharded health
kids health
Health Coaching
eco living
work life balance

Permaculture: earth care, people care, fair share.

Use the tabs below to check out the key concepts of permaculture. Working with natural systems to create permanent human habitats and human health.

Take a look

Observe and interact

Taking time to slow down and see what's going on in nature.

We evolved along with nature

Nature is a great teacher

We must work with nature

We've often worked against it

We're on the brink of ecological collapse

The natural world is forgiving

Let's slow down and respect it's rhythms

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Being batteries

Catch and store energy

In the modern world we've become used to over use and waste of energy. Permaculture systems help us to catch and store energy, put it to ethical use or store it in sensible ways.

Our energy systems are out of whack

This is costing the earth dearly

This is also costing our bank balance

There are simple solutions

These start in the family home

We can make these changes

We can help the planet recover

Our bank balance & health will recover too!

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Fruits of our labour

Obtain a yeild

We've become used to having things provided for us with huge ease and convenience in the short-term, but these are costing us all in the long-term. We can live a full and productive life meeting our needs more locally.

We live in massive systems

These 'provide' for our needs

And cost the earth - literally

But, we can create systems close to home

That provide for our needs

Reduce food miles

And lead to a satisfying life

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Listen up

Apply self regulation and accept feedback

When things aren't working out we need to course correct. We must be realistic with our expectations.

We are always getting feedback

From our bodies

And from the natural world

We must use this feedback to expand the positive

And course correct on the negative

We pass the end result on to our kids

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Making all things re(new)

Use and value renewable resources and services

Our values are what drives us. We must value the renewable resources above non-renewable resources and extractive industries. The way we think about cost must shift from short term to long term.

We have created fast paced lives

It's hard to keep up with ourselves

We've created short term fixes

These are not sustainable in the long term

Sensible long-term solutions exist

We're here to help you make the switch

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Re-cycle-re-cycle-re... cycle!

Produce no waste

All natural systems work in cycles, the end product of one process becomes the input for another. This goes on and on and on...

We have produced a lot of waste

That has little to no use

Small shifts in the way we do things

Will allow us to have new outputs

Which can then be used as inputs

This needs to happen globally

But it starts in our homes

With a well designed household

That's where we come in...

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Big picture

Design from patterns to details

We so often get bogged down in the details without first seeing the big patterns that need to inform our detailed decisions.

Nature provides clear patterns

We should replicate these as we design

The design of our homes & cities

And the design of our human health choices

Working with these patterns creates ease

For long term health

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Better together

Integrate rather than segregate

Many hands make light work. Placing people, habits and components of living systems in the right place creates ease and a greater output.

We love silver-bullet solutions

They don't exist

Health requires a big picture view

Bringing many strands together

In our personal lives

And for the life of the planet

Together, we create integrated solutions

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Tortoise not the hare

Use small and slow solutions

Change can be overwhelming. Both for human health and planetary health; slow, steady changes lead to more sustainable outcomes.

Quick fixes rarely last

People yo-yo from diet to diet

Government policy swings left and right

Through small changes in our personal lives

And gradual solutions across local communities

We bring about long term changes

That can be sustained by people and planet

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Include everyone

Use and value diversity

Using or valuing just one food crop, talent or gift, one species of animal or one group of human beings leads to a very quick collapse of health, systems and society.

We like neat and tidy

Nature is not neat and tidy

But it is beautiful

This beauty emerges from its diversity

Diversity leads to stability and resilience

We must mimic this in our human systems

And in our human health

We can get you started...

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A bit 'out there'

Use edges and value the marginal

The most creative places are on the interfaces between two different things - the 'norm' is not the place to be if you want to see progress.

Edges are the most productive parts of systems

Where two different things come together

These are not the mainstream

This is where we find the unique

And the greatest opportunities

This is the space we must try to occupy

We're here to help you step into the unknown

Discover your unique productivity...

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Take the plunge

Creatively use and respond to change

We're often afraid of change but in permaculture we love to see the problem as the solution. At Whole Life Health we're engineers of change and helping you uncover your solutions within the complexities of your life.

We try to maintain the status quo

But the world is in flux

We can capitalise on that flux

Seeing what 'can be'

Acting so that 'can be' becomes 'will be'

We can author our own future

One of Whole Life Health

Let's do this together...

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