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Whole Life Health / 21 Day Whole Life Health Reset – Group – 8th January 2023
whole life reset - group

21 Day Whole Life Health Reset – Group – 8th January 2023


2023… what’s it going to be? Another year of the same? Or a new you, firing on All Day Energy, shifting to ideal Body Weight and setting yourself up for long term success. The 21 day reset sets you up for the above with the help of a certified Master Health Coach, a supportive online community (with daily zoom calls) and all lessons action points and accountability check-ins delivered directly to your smart phone.



Ready, Re-set, Go!

2023 – New Year – New You.

This is much more than the usual new year’s resolution, this is a potential game changer for your health, for life!

Take 21 days to reset your health. A great intro to Whole Life Health and the perfect piece of self investment. Especially if you enjoy community camaraderie and support. In fact, a supportive community can be make or break when it comes to pursuing health… very few people flourish in making a resolution stick when they go it alone!

Over the next three weeks you’ll be learning and putting into practice the core concepts of Whole Life Health leading you to towards optimising:

  • Energy levels
  • Body composition
  • Fat burning
  • Sleep
  • Appetite & Cravings
  • Immune Function
  • Skin Condition
  • Stress
  • Fitness
  • Digestion
  • Ageing

Three weeks to a new you

During your three week commitment you’ll be setting yourself up to be able to craft a lifestyle – this is not a crash diet!

Results can be significant, even in this short window, if you follow the programme diligently. Beyond these 21 days, if you take what you learn and apply it to life beyond, you’ll never look back!

Via our app you’ll receive a daily lesson each day for 21 days with suggested actionable steps that you can take which will help guide you towards optimal health, living in accordance with how we, as humans, have evolved.


Each day we’ll have a 30 minute online group check-in to trouble shoot any problems, ask questions, respond to common queries, share the ups and downs of transformation (more ups than downs!) and, most importantly, help you with the process of habit change towards optimised human health. These are not compulsory and will be recorded for any you can’t make

Alongside this you’ll have access, via the app, to text Jake and get your individual questions answered and access any other info you need.


Our core content revolves around nutrition and movement but we also fold in lots of other lifestyle education and activities that set you up for life-long health.

  • Nutrition
  • Movement & exercise
  • Sleep optimisation
  • Stress management
  • Play
  • The importance of nature
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Brain development
  • Family and social connection
  • Sun exposure
  • Slowing life down
  • Looking after the planet

Is this for me?

If you know that you’re in need of re-calibrating your health and want to follow a proven approach based on thousands of years of human evolution and cutting edge scientific research, along with a bunch of others wanting transformation… then yes, this is for you!

If you’re after a crash diet, a magic bullet or a faddy fix… then no, probably best to look elsewhere!

How much time do I need?

Everything we do is designed to fit into your everyday life but there will be some days where action points may require an hour of your attention (not necessarily in one go). One of the things we’ll major on is making health supportive changes that fit in with your life – this isn’t a cookie cutter workout programme! Many even find that through completing the 21 day reset, they have more time and also more energy to complete daily tasks with greater efficiency.

Is this Bootcamp?

No, this is the opposite. This is about sustainable lifestyle change to lead you into optimal health. You will be doing some workouts and be changing your diet and you probably will lose fat quickly. But, you should not feel exhausted, depleted or drained… in fact, you should feel refreshed, energised and ready to go and life life to the full!


N.B. this is not a medical programme and we do not diagnose or treat any medical conditions. You should always consult your doctor if you have any medical concerns regarding starting a new health and fitness lifestyle. All programme material is for informational purposes only.