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Recipe: Primal Pancakes

Primal Pancakes

``Oh wow, these are good for me?`` - said a friend who recently joined us for breakfast... and yes, yes they are! They are satiating, great for your gut health and also could even help your genes work more optimally!

Why these are so great.

These super simple primal pancakes are now the staple breakfast in the Mahal household.

Made using high protein and high fibre ingredients, these are an excellent way to start the day.

– Eggs provide a solid source of protein and range of healthy fatty acids

– The chia and flax are probably the best in their category of soluble fiber and are excellent in helping maintain a healthy gut. These both keep you well satiated through different mechanisms and the flax has a host of more benefits recently coming to light (see below).

– Coconut flour is another good source of fiber and is fairly low in starches.

– The end product is super versatile and can be dressed simply or you could go elaborate as we occasionally do with bacon, banana and peanut butter… maybe don’t do this every day!

primal pancakes, high protein, high fibre


Makes Pancakes for 4 people (depending on energy needs, hunger or greed…)

– 6 Eggs
– 1.5 cups flax (Freshly ground)
– 0.5 cups chia (Freshly ground)
– 0.5 cups coconut flour
– 2 cup water (or milk)
– 1 tsp Baking powder
– Stevia to taste


If you like you can add more chia seeds, swap these in for some of the flax at a 1:1 ratio. Chia will make you feel more full mechanically (shorter term) but won’t have the same hormonal benefits leading to reduced appetite (longer term). We also know that flax will contribute to glucose tolerance (excellent for weight loss) and help genes be expressed more optimally. Either are great for the microbiome, but again, flax perhaps edges it!

  1. Combine all ingredients (a hand bender is helpful to get a smooth texture), then leave to sit for 5 mins so that the chia and flax absorb some liquid).
  2. Spoon out onto a season cast iron pan heated to a medium heat to form Scotch pancake sized pancakes. The mixture will be slightly gelatinous or gooey – this actually works in your favour as you spoon them out.
  3. Once the pancakes grow in height and start to bubble on the top-side you should then be ready to flip them, if they are well cooked they should hold together nicely as you do this.
  4. Once golden brown on both sides, serve immediately or transfer to  a preheated oven at 120c to keep warm so that you can then eat together as a whole family.

Feel free to add shredded coconut, cocoa nibs or other tasty bits.

You can top the pancakes with butter (maybe with a tad of honey or maple syrup), a few berries or some homemade spiced apple butter!

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