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Great job on prioritising your health, the health of your family and playing your part on your patch. I'm excited to get to know you and see what works well for you in achieving your health goals.

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Happy Customers

client reviews

I’ve just done a course with Jake and I cannot recommend it highly enough. I was amazed at the transformation in just 12 weeks. I have more energy, fitness, physical strength and have shed a significant amount of excess weight. But more than that Jake’s helped me develop the tools and behavioural change to enable me to maintain a healthier lifestyle and avoid falling into the pitfalls I’ve struggled with most of my life. One of the major differences from things I’ve done in the past is the way Jake tailors the course to your specific needs, goals, and interests; I genuinely enjoyed the diet, movement, and lifestyle changes. His knowledge, insight, and encouragement are phenomenal - I think everyone would benefit from a Whole Life Health course.

Paul Turner

Graphic Designer - Dad of 3
happy client

The biggest benefit of sessions with Jake was gaining a sound understanding of health. What I grew to learn was the vitality of a number of contributing factor which helped me towards my target. I’ve always had a slow metabolism and tried multiple diets and methods to counteract this. However, it wasn’t until I started to follow the primal diet that I noticed any sustained change in my body’s ability to burn fat. Taking it week by week, I found giving up sugar cravings and redirecting my diet to be far easier and more enjoyable than anticipated. Investing in your health is imperative and the sessions I had with Jake will have long lasting effects on my life and lifestyle.

Joshua Barrie

Football Writer & Pundit
health coaching client Mirek Kec

Jake is true master coach who always managed to guide me through my health challenges. No matter what I struggled with - nutrition, sleep movement - he always managed to steer me towards my own solution. Our coaching conversations were always very pleasant and natural. You can see that he is constantly striving for getting on top of latest science and findings in health and fitness realm. And somehow, he managed to marry these with old but proved concepts that simply work. But more importantly he is putting all this information into practice not just in his but his entire family's everyday life. He is walking the talk. And it's a gift to be able to soak at least part of this wisdom while working with him. I cannot recommend him enough as a coach.

Mirek Kec

IT Consultant / Health Coach - Dad of 2