Service Level Agreement

The below spell out the contractual bits around accessing services. We'll always seek to honour your time and finances and enable work-arounds but, as I'm sure you'll appreciate, this may not always be possible. If everyone kept chopping and changing appointments my life would be chaotic!


Coaching sessions, packages, and all purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable. Purchases can only be used during agreed upon validity periods.

Coaching sessions / class sizes

Private classes are one-on-one. Group class size maximum will be determined by the coach. If you’d like to invite a guest or add an additional person to your class, please contact your coach in advance to ensure availability.


Call / Class start and end times are fixed. If a client arrives late or needs to step away in the middle of class, the coach will still end at the scheduled time.

Transfers & Rescheduling

Private classes can be rescheduled without penalty with at least 48 hours advance. If less than 48 hours notice is given, the class will not be refundable or transferred.


All workshops are booked with a refundable 25% payment of the full amount. Date and times of the booked are not guaranteed to be be able to be rearranged.

Scope and Health

Clients understand that coaches are not clinicians and cannot treat, diagnose, or cure any disease, illness or injury. In all cases, clients should join classes with approval from a trusted medical professional and should always follow their doctor’s advice.

Clients take full responsibility for their own health and any illness or injury that may occur. Students cannot and will not hold instructors or any employers or affiliates responsible in the case of accident or illness during practice.

Contact details

Clients/users provide contact information for class registration, updates, marketing, and communication. Clients/users can opt out and cancel/remove my complete data at any time by contacting Whole Life Health or unsubscribing within emails / programmes.

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