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About Jake

Who, What & Why

I help busy parents work peak performance, enjoy the adventure of family life and set their household up for long term health and well-being.

Hey! I'm writing this is the first person... because it's about me - makes sense, right?

I'm a health and wellness coach with over 20 year's of experience within the coaching, sports, nutrition and exercise world.

Since age 7 I had been overweight despite living a very active lifestyle, competing in many sports and training all hours of the day.

During my days studying sports science at university I would train hard, eat what the fitness industry told us to eat and play every sport I could. But the weight remained, my sleep sucked and my hay-fever was hideous. On top of this I suffered with energy dips and brain fog... not ideal when studying for a degree!

But, this seemed to be the boat that everybody was in. Brain fog and the mid afternoon energy dip are just the norm right? And some people just have a slow metabolism, so just eat less and train more... and chug coffee to keep you going.

I tried various supplements, fad diets and some rather extreme and bizarre workout routines. None of them were sustainable and none of them led to me feeling or operating any better.

These things DID NOT WORK

movnat mobility workout

When starting family life with Freya my workload increased and I had more responsibilities than ever before - how the heck was I to manage all this?

Well, for quite some time it felt like a real slog, especially when the migraines kicked in on top of the energy dips and brain fog... I knew I had to do something; take responsibility.

I looked back over research I'd seen whilst doing my sports science degree - research that seemed counter to the mainstream narrative and yet seemed consistent and common sense. As I did this I realised that I needed to rebuild my lifestyle and my heath from the ground up - and that is exactly what I did.

I carefully looked back on studies around human evolution and the ideal conditions for human health - the conditions our DNA is expecting in order to fully express the potential for optimal human function.

This revolutionised my life. I began losing weight rapidly, sleeping through the night, operating with crazy energy levels and a clarity of mind I didn't know was possible. This is now my norm, and it should be every human being's norm.

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This also led me on the journey to becoming a Primal Health Coach and then a Primal Health Master Coach (as well as geeking out on a number of other certifications - it's how I'm wired); up-cycling all my prior learning and personal experience so I could help guide others on the same journey.

I built a business nurturing busy parents down the path of unconventional wisdom to find #alldayenergy, consistent clarity and their ideal body weight. This can seem an odd and maybe even scary transition. This is why you need someone who's been through it, knows the pitfalls and also has a firm grasp on the science as well as the coaching skills to help you uncover your own ability to grow.

This works!

I'm totally confident that together we can get you to your goals. It takes just a few weeks to get on top or your appetite, cravings, energy levels and brain function. From there we optimise for your goals and maximise for life. This might be something different than what you've tried before , but did that work?

I doubt you'd have read this far if it had... book a call and let's start your journey into Whole Life Health.

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Primal Health Coach
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